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 About AKB School

AKB SCHOOL is purely a dedicated site for the students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Bengali Honours and M.A. Bengali subject quality notes are provided here. Our Madhyamik Bengali question answer, HS Bengali Notes, Bengali Honours notes, CBSE Board Bengali notes, ICSE Board Bengali notes and suggestions will help the students. Here you will get WBBSE Madhyamik Bengali notes and suggestions, WBCHSE HS Bengali suggestions, Bengali Honours notes, CBSE Bengali notes, Bengali MA notes and so on.

The mission of AKB School

The mission of AKB School is to help the students digitally. We provide Bengali subject notes and suggestions so that students can make good results in their examinations. We consult with experts in Bengali Literature and follow their advice to guide the students properly.

Who will be benefited

  • Students of WBBSE Class 9th/ ix,
  • Students of WBBSE Class 10th/ Madhyamik/ x,
  • Students of WBCHSE Class 11th/ xi,
  • Students of WBCHSE Class 12th/ HS/ Higher Secondary/ xii,
  • Students of CBSE Board Class 9th to 12th,
  • Students of ICSE Board Class 9th to 12th,
  • Students of Bengali Honours,
  • Students of MA in Bengali subject.


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